About us

Carpediem helps companies in the areas of brand & experience design, strategic HR and employer branding

Our Brand Management practice started out to develop a brand identity and marketing strategy. However, clients wanted more … execution of marketing strategy, embed the brand culture internally, help consistently get great communication. So when a client asked us to manage their brand, this morphed into our operating model. Over time we’ve recognized that ‘on – brand experiences’ are becoming integral to differentiating them; and so distinctive, memorable and transformative experiences are what we love to create!

Today we are the strategy, creative and execution partner to clients. We are successful when their brands succeed!

Our People practice has a focus on leadership development through coaching, building learning frameworks, competency-based performance systems and what we fondly call, the ‘career mosaic’. We’ve helped companies manage change and bring about cultural transformation

At the cusp of HR & Branding lies Employer Branding, where we assist companies to articulate promises and deliver on them consistently to employees. Simultaneously we guide in increasing their awareness and brand pull in the talent market. We often end up becoming the custodian of the employer brand

Carpediem has worked across a myriad of organisations, from large Indian and Multinational firms to small and medium-sized businesses, some family run and others entrepreneurial

Our uniqueness lies in the duality of examining the business as the ‘outsider’ when required and stepping in as an ‘insider’ to drive and participate in the process of change

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